I drank mostly water, a little bit of coffee, and occasional diet soda or crystal light when I needed some flavor.I chose my own preferred customized plan to make it as pleasant for me as I could.Hopefully I will loss at least the 30 I gained if not more by graduation in May of this coming year 2011.Thanks for your review that got me started and thanks to everyone that wrote in with their positive experiences.My mother had her gall bladder removed around thirty-five years ago and I remember she had to change her diet to leave out certain foods back then.I normally boil chicken in no sodium chicken broth and add veggies and some spices.One of my problems with dieting before was that I would get tired of eating the same things over and over.But how many of them tell you about the things you should really be prepared for before you click on the ad and you then decide to sign up.I would not recommend it to anyone who loves tasty, good home cooked food or to anyone who is already a good cook.

Like EVERYONE else, I initially thought the portions were entirely too small.If you had known that in the beginning, I guess you probably would not have spent your money on this system.They actually told me for the next week I should have everything in the order that the book states.I also filed a complaint with the BBB and Nutri System itself.I have only eaten out once in the past two weeks to eat with family.Top 5 Best Weight Loss Program Starter Kits. Search. The video above features a woman who lost 100 pounds on the Nutrisystem diet. Notify me of new comments.Now I figure a lot of it had to do with all the water I was drinking cause I never did drink enough before that, it was mostly soda or coffee.

Hi Jennifer, 100 pounds is a lot to lose and this is a good, positive step to going for that goal.It all depends on how much you are determined to keep the weight off once you finish the program.The system works quite simply, in that you just order what you want from their website or you can do it over the phone.You know this post and its motivational as well as educational qualities made me think of a quote.I decided I was never putting it back, so I started exercising regular.This is because its a scientifically proved fact that exercise improves metabolism and when combined with a healthy diet really does cause sustainable weight loss.

Nothing seemed to make a real impact and I just about gave up, until my boyfriend (now fiance) proposed.Even if its not so close for you, once you deduct what you do spend on regular food, what your left with is the cost of a pretty good diet.I would also urge you to please take some time to read what my readers have to say about it as well.Hey everyone, it looks as though this place is something of a magnet for successful dieters.Also, I now eat my main meal of the day in the early afternoon and taper off with two smaller ones later in the day.

As for the cost, when I worked it out over 28 days, it was no more expensive to eat NS meals than it was to buy my own stuff.Nutrisystem diet program review including Fast 5, Diabetic programs that are customized by metabolic type.Once you prove it to yourself you can do it, then you can do amazing things.I hear from folks who get quite a shock at the volume of the month supply of food.

I lost 15 pounds in that month and can say without any hesitation that I would do it again if I had to with no problems.Trying to fix the symptom (weight gain) with a diet may disappoint if your thyroxine levels are not right.So Michelle, and anyone else only looking to lose a few pounds.Its really a case of feeling confident about leaving the safety net of prepared meals behind when you finish the diet.Your own home cooked meals will taste better and will be better for being made from fresh ingredients — and that should be your long term diet.In working out 30 minutes 5-6 times a week, drinking the water, and eating only the product, how much should I expect to lose in a month.Eating less can actually slow your metabolism down and that can halt the weight loss.The very first thing I have noticed even before any significant weight loss was the disappearance of acanthosis nigricans.

I think my stomach gets fuller faster eating regular food which makes me feel not so guilty when I leave the plate.How can a company make a meal so cheap and what must they be adding to it to make it look and taste good.But cost for cost, for busy people who want convenience as a priority in their diet, its a pretty good shot at losing weight.I mentioned in the review that auto-delivery plans can only be cancelled by phone and its something that should be done with plenty of time to spare before the next auto-delivery batch is ready to be sent out.The food, some of them good, the one w tomato sauce and beef on it, are really bad, I even found some grease on beef one, sure I trashed.They will help but you may need to add more fiber to them by getting fresh vegetables as they recommend.

If your daughter can resist the pressures to eat and drink things that are the norm for teens and stick to the Nutrisystem diet, then she will lose weight.I now have to go on a very aggressive regimine of it to try to reverse some sudden hearing loss.I would love more but it doesnt come on fast so I will continue.You are definitely on the right track by exercising and eating healthily, this way you should not gain that weight back and may even continue to lose a little here and there over time.It sounds like you are putting up a lot of barriers with your questions and if you are really so concerned about additives and sources of foodstuffs, you should re-think your objective.

I need to lose about 16 pounds to get back to a decent figure.There are so many NutriSystem dinner entrees that I love. NutriSystem Week 10: Laura ranks the NS dinners. sort of a gourmet diet dish.A few years ago, both my husband and myself tried the Nutrisystem diet and we were both quite pleased with the food and the results.According to the book, it says that we should have the 3 NS meals, power drink, 2 PF, 2 SC and NS dessert plus 8 cups of water.Hence, our readers have requested us to do one in order to shed some light into this very popular diet.I found my weight heading in the wrong direction mainly through those days of inactivity and the tendency to eat more when the pain got bad.

Hey Kim, I know from a friend that getting the right dosage of thyroxine is very important for helping to get weight under control.Some teachers at our local school got together and made used of the school gym to play some basketball in their break when no one else was using it.Packaged diet meals may just work for me since I have no time to cook.But if NS believe their diet is enhanced with dairy, then its your call as to whether you agree with them or not.

I started exercising 4-5 days a week and going hard at it (March 2011-present).Green tea is good for you, but tea and coffee, even though they are liquid will also dehydrate you a little.The company is well established and have been providing weight loss solutions to dieters for all that time with a high degree of success.Its worth mentioning to support next time you talk with them.I just started the program and am wondering if you or anyone else had trouble restraining from ripping them all open and nibbling.