One of the most important parts of our body is excretory system, the part for disposal of liquid waste from the body.

First: Rice toast or saltine crackers bananas chicken green leafy vegetables.I am very anxious of keeping my lungs healthy as I have this so called bronchiectasis which doctors say is apermanent disorder affecting my lungs.Onions and garlic are toxic to dogs, as are grapes and chocolate.Hi my daughter is suffering from.cystic fibrosis any specific lung related suggestions apart from this for her health please.You will want to work with her doctor to target the specific cause affecting your mother.

The pancreas is part of the digestive system and lies in the abdominal cavity behind the stomach.Science Digestive and Excretory. your body has already started making good use of the food you ate.The excretory system is a crucial part of the human body. FOODS Some good foods to keep your excretory healthy are Since kidneys regulate potassium,.

Here is the article of all things guy that allows you to be both (manly and healthy).Thank you so much, Geoph, for sharing your experience and helping.There are too many things this could be, and you should be safe.Suffice to say that dogs are not obligate carnivores like cats and do not need meat at every meal.There are just too many things that could be causing his coughs to easily recommend anything here.I try to bolster my immune system with silver, echinacea, goldenseal, ginger, and coconut oil.

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Pure, clean water is essential to keeping blood flowing to and from the lungs.Excretory System the Amazing Human Body. in the excretory system. through the ureters. you have a good idea what a. for Your Excretory System G ood foods.Some of these foods will aid with any inflammation that remains, but you will want to work with your doctor as you try new things.

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Bronchiectasis is rough, but usually manageable with good diet.

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Here are some foods you can shop to promote respiratory and overall health.Charlie Pulsipher is a health and fitness enthusiast, writer, author, and neighborhood do-gooder.Always wear protective gear when working with chemicals and avoid inhaling direct fumes as often as possible.As Charlie says above, depending on the size of your dog, a teaspoon to tablespoon of coconut oil in your dogs food or kong every day will do no harm.

Healthy Food is What Growing Bodies Need. the kind that is naturally in foods like rice,.Vitamin E is an antioxidant that strengthens your immune system and protects your kidneys from toxins.I get sinus infections too, thanks to a bad root canal that likes to gather bacteria to it.Work with your doctor and make sure he or she knows about your exposure and risks, so you can stay on top of any problems before they arise.

I think you should definitely be looking at probiotics, natural anti-inflammatories, and some immune boosters.The organs of your excretory system help to keep the correct balance of water and salts.I have been developing a cough that comes and goes.It gets worse at different times of the year depending on the season.Here is the key.It always gets worse when I am in an environment that has air conditioning.Hello, my name is Jessica and my boyfriend is having really bad breathing problems when he lyes down to go to sleep he currently is still smoking but in the process of stopping.In order to keep your excretory system healthy, a good place to start is by.Wear a respirator when painting or doing any hobbies that include dust or industrial gases.Grapefruit is especially good at cleansing the lungs after quitting smoking.

Go for the brightly colored ones like greens, pineapple, berries, and orange veggies.Healthy Food for the Nervous System. Foods especially rich in brain-friendly nutrients help your nervous system.Meanwile dear, please enlighten me how to recover from this ailment.After I stopped smoking I started getting symptoms that made me feel awful.

Good lymphatic system function is a vital part. limiting both mental and physical stress on your lymphatic system: Good.Thanks son inhaled his first pop during his birth which affected his lungs.Thanks for your advises on food for lungs.

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I suggest talking to your doctor about anti-inflammatory foods, like ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, and fresh fruits and vegetables.I am currently staying in Mumbai city which is highly polluted. plz suggest how I can save my Lung.Doctor suggested me that it may happen next time or may not, but I have to take care of it.The excretory system is responsible for regulating water balance in various body.

I still occasionally use my inhaler when my coughing gets too harsh and I drink herbal tea and use recolla cough drops.Good luck and continue to work with your doctor as you try these new things.Alcohol tends to be dehydrating, which is why we have drink lots of water before retiring after a big night of drinking, avoid alcohol in the sun as it increases risk and degree of sunburn.A high fat diet has also been linked to a higher risk of developing lung cancer.I am worried what if the TB will come back again. Pls advice. Thank you.